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Impulse Sealers Vs Direct Heat Sealers

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A heat sealer is a machine that uses heat to seal any plastic material containing products (such as milk). This article discusses impulse heat sealers and direct heat sealers. Use this information to help you to choose the most appropriate type of heat sealer for your needs.

Impulse Heat Sealers

Impulse sealers emit a pulse of energy when the jaw of the machine is lowered onto the material that you would like to seal. That pulse of energy heats the material and causes it to bond, forming a seal. These sealers are very economical because they only use energy when the machine is being used to seal a material. They are also safe because the heated area cools down quickly once the energy pulse is turned off. Impulse sealers are also quick because you do not need to wait for the machine to warm up before you can use it. These machines are very good for sealing packages that contain heat-sensitive products (such as pharmaceuticals and food). However, impulse heat sealers may not be suitable for sealing thick materials (such as coated aluminum foil). This is because the energy pulse may not easily penetrate the thick material. This weakness can result in a poor seal that can easily fail during transportation or storage.

Direct Heat Sealers

Another name for this type of sealer is constant heat sealer. This is because the machine maintains constant heat on both jaws as long as it is switched on. This type of heater is very good for sealing thick materials (such as waxed paper) due to the better penetrating power of its constant stream of heat. These sealers are ideal for industrial use because they consume higher amounts of energy, so one needs to use them for several hours at a go to get value from the energy used to warm up the equipment. However, you may need trained personnel to handle this equipment to minimise product damage during the sealing process. Specialised training also helps to minimise the risks posed by the constant heat present in the sealing machine. For instance, the operator faces a constant risk of suffering a burn in case he accidentally touches a hot part of the equipment.

The different heat sealers above can be purchased in different sizes and configurations. For instance, you can buy a hand sealer or a foot/pedestal heat sealer. The sealers also have different operating speeds depending on the model selected. For more information, contact W.A. Bag Closing Equipment or a similar company.