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Mining Equipment Tips: Follow These Safety Tips When Using a Forklift

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If you manage a mining company, your employees will often be using a forklift to move the coal and other mining materials. It is important that they follow the proper safety precautions to avoid injury and accidents. Here are some safety tips to teach all employees when using forklifts from a mining equipment hire company.

Inspect the Equipment Before Using it

It is important that the forklift is in good working condition before starting it up and using it. Make sure you have the equipment inspected by a professional on a regular basis, looking for issues that you or your employees might not be aware of. Also train your employees to give it a quick inspection before using it, including outside and inside the equipment. If they turn it on, and there are odd sounds or smells, they should not continue using it. Taking chances often leads to accidents and injuries. Make sure a professional is doing repairs.

Know the Rules for Starting and Stopping

Many accidents regarding forklifts occur with simple starting and stopping the equipment. Before you start the equipment and begin moving it, look around you in the mining area and make sure nobody is in the way. Employees on the ground should also be trained to keep out of the way of forklift paths. Use the horn if you are concerned about people being in the way. Start operating it slowly, going down the designated path. When stopping, do so in the designated parking area. Make sure the parking brake is set and that you remove the keys from the equipment when getting off.

Be Careful of Your Speed Limit

When you are using a forklift in a busy warehouse, accidents can happen simply by driving faster than necessary. Be very cautious when operating the equipment, always going as slow as you can. It can be tempting to go faster than necessary when you become more comfortable using the equipment, but this can injure others and yourself, not to mention damaging items in the process. Go very slowly around turns, since tipping is a risk with large equipment. When loading and unloading, slow and steady is the best technique.

All employees should be well trained before using a forklift in the workplace. Even if they claim to have used one at a previous job, put them through the same training as everyone else. This is for the safety of the employees, as well as reducing damage to the materials being moved. It also ensures no damage is done to the forklift itself.