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Water Tanks | 4 Tips To Prevent Sludge From Accumulating Inside Your Water Tank

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Water tanks are excellent for storing water when you need it for different functions in your home. Dirt and sludge from plants and waste can accumulate at the bottom of water tanks if you don't take proper care of them. This sludge releases harmful bacteria into the water, which could cause stomach cramps, vomiting and other health issues. To ensure that water remains fresh and clean, you must follow these tips to prevent sludge from accumulating inside water tanks.

Clean Your Gutters And Roofs Regularly

Keep in mind that leaves and other debris from rooftops can fall into water tanks located nearby. This will pose a health hazard for the members of your family because of leaching of tannins and bacterial growth, so be sure to keep your roof and gutters clear from leaves and other organic matter to prevent them from entering into your water tank. If you have not cleaned them for a long time, you may want to disconnect any tank downpipes to prevent rooftop dust and debris from getting into your water tank. You can reconnect the downpipes once you clean the roof and gutters. 

Position Tank In Cool Spot

If possible, place your water tanks in the coolest possible locations near your home because warmer water promotes the growth of bacteria more rapidly. In cool water, sediments settle quickly, allowing a faster and more efficient cleanup of the water tank. Place the water tank away from direct sunlight and ensure that it is properly properly filtered with water diverters and leaf filters to protect the water you use.

Get Water Tanks Cleaned Regularly

Your tank should ideally be inspected every 2 to 3 years for the presence of sludge and sediments according to the government's Department of Health website. If the tank bottom is filled with sludge and sediment, then you will need to ensure that it is cleaned immediately. You can either undertake a manual cleaning job on your own by emptying the tank and hosing the bottom or you can hire a professional water tank cleaner to do a thorough cleaning job.

Avoid Spraying With Kerosene Or Paraffin Oil

If you've been told that kerosene of paraffin oil is good to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your water tank, ignore it. Kerosene and paraffin oil don't prevent mosquitoes from breeding and can pose health risks for your family. Instead, make sure that your water tank is properly sealed to prevent insects from entering in the first place. A proper seal will also keep the inside of the tank dark, which will minimise the growth of algae.