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Aspects to Consider When Shopping for Diamond Blades

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By selecting diamond blades that are appropriate for your work, not only will you advance your work efficiency but also bring down your costs. Therefore, it's important for you to know what aspects affect the performance of a diamond blade in order to make a fitting choice for your application. Here are three main tips to use when shopping for diamond blades.

Type of material you wish to cut

Diamond saw blades are designed to be different based on the types of materials to be cut. In this regard, inform your supplier about the material you wish to cut, whether it's reinforced concrete, ceramic tiles, granite, bricks or asphalt. Other aspects such as the dimension of the material as well as the needs of processing quality will also determine the diameter and design of a diamond blade to be chosen. For example, the diameter of the saw blade ought to be more than three times the overall thickness of the material to be cut. In terms of processing precision requirements, narrow-gullet diamond blades are suitable when cutting materials that are thin or when there's need to create a smooth surface. On the other hand, wide-gullet diamond blades are suitable for thick materials.

Dry or wet cutting

Dry and wet diamond blades are designed differently based on their cutting applications.  Therefore, you need to know your particular cutting application requirements, whether it's dry or wet in order to choose the appropriate diamond saw blade. By using a wet blade in dry cutting, it's only a matter of time before the blade is damaged. Always inform your supplier about this type of information. For instance, if you want to cut concrete, then wet cutting is the suitable method so you'll want to choose a wet diamond saw blade.

The horsepower of the saw machine

Diamond blades are designed differently based on the horsepower of the saw machines they normally use. A bigger horsepower saw machine exerts greater rotating force on the diamond blade which make the blade's segments to rotate a lot faster. As such, the concentration of the diamond segments ought to be higher in order to lower the impact on individual diamonds or their connection should be stronger to clamp the diamonds more rigidly. For example, if you apply a diamond blade meant for a small horsepower saw on a big horsepower machine, chances are that the blades will wear out very fast. In contrast, by using a blade meant for a big horsepower saw machine on a small horsepower saw machine, the blade might cut slowly or even fail to cut completely due to its hard bond. Therefore, inform your supplier about the horsepower of your saw machine, and they should know the type of diamond blades that fit your requirements.

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