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Top Factors That Determine Ease of Use When Moving Items With Castor Wheels

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Castor wheels are designed to attach directly to the bottom of furniture or loads or any type. You can install them directly to the surface that you want to move. Castor wheels are designed to simplify the moving process because you can roll loads instead of having to lift the full weight of the load. There are different types of castor wheels that you can chose from depending on the type of load that you need to move and the amount of mobility that you need to castor wheel to offer. Some wheels are swivel and others will only move forward or backward in motion. It is important that before you attach castor wheels to the bottom of your load that you are aware of the factors that have the most impact on simplicity.


Weight is always a top priority when you are deciding on the type of castor wheel to attach to the load. Not all castor wheels are made the same and some are designed specifically for use with high capacity loads. If you are trying to move a load that is heavier, it is a good idea to consider using a castor wheel that is larger in size. The wheels that have a larger diameter are the preferred option because they allow the weight to be balanced more evenly and offer increased levels of mobility. If you are unsure of weight capacity of a castor wheel, opt for a larger wheel when moving a load that is heavy. Higher weighted loads are more difficult to steer if you are using castor wheels that are small in size.


Rolling the load with the use of castor wheels is designed to be the simplest option, but you need to be aware of floor conditions. This means that you need to evaluate the type of flooring that you will be rolling the load over. If there are any cracks present on the flooring, it is a good idea to place a plastic covering on top of the crack to allow the castor wheel to pass over freely. Castor wheels that are larger in size are also the better option when you are rolling a load over flooring that has many cracks. It is also important to note that if the floor is slick, it is best to use castor wheels that are not made from rubber. The castor wheel options that are ideal for slippery floor use include those made from polyurethane or steel.