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Comparing Steel and Aluminium Fencing

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If you are looking for new fencing for your home, the most popular materials you will come across in the market are steel and aluminium. However. Selecting one of these materials for your fencing is not simply picking the first one that catches your fancy. Each of these types of fencing has their own pros and cons that you would have to consider to establish what would be best suited to your needs and preferences. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when comparing steel and aluminium fencing.

Advantages and disadvantages of steel fencing

One of the biggest advantages of steel is how sturdy is it. This type of material is inherently strong, thus, can bear the brunt of high winds, high impact and a range of other external risks that would otherwise compromise the integrity of aluminium fencing. 

When it comes to steel fencing, you need to ensure that it is galvanised beforehand. This is to provide it with the capability to resist corrosion, especially since it will be exposed to the elements. Once it has a galvanised coating, the lifespan of your steel fencing is greatly enhanced so you can rest assured that it will serve you for a significant amount of time. It should be noted though that galvanising your steel fencing may make it rust resistant, but this does not mean it is immune to corrosion. In the event that moisture makes its way into the bolts and screws of your fencing, they are at risk of rusting. 

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminium fencing

If you were on a tight budget, then aluminium fencing would be an ideal choice for you as it is considerably more affordable than steel fencing. Since aluminium is a lightweight material, installation tends to be much easier, which also works toward reducing the labour costs that you would incur. Another advantage of aluminium fencing is that you can opt to purchase a prefabricated kit that comes with the fencing panels ready to install. This gives homeowners the chance to opt to erect their own fence rather than enlist the services of professional fencing contractors. This is not possible with steel fencing due to how heavy this material is. 

It should be noted though that one of the disadvantages of aluminium fencing is that it is much weaker than steel fencing. As such, it is not an ideal choice is you are looking to fence your property for security reasons. Additionally, its lightweight nature makes it susceptible to acquiring damage much easier than its steel counterparts do.