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Custom Manufacturing: Plastic Sheet Options for Business Signage

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Plastic sheets are ideal materials for numerous applications, including the manufacture of corrugated business signage and other advertising displays. This type of material is durable, resilient against mechanical impact and resistant to water damage and chemical corrosion. There are diverse types of plastic sheets in the market that you can choose for manufacturing custom signage products for commercial sale or even usage in your own company. Here is a description of the common plastics that you should consider utilising for your new business signage fabrication project.


The acrylic plastic is also commonly referred to as polymethyl methacrylate, acrylic glass and even by common trade names in the modern fabrication environment. This type of plastic sheeting is a stronger alternative to glass panes which are fragile and vulnerable to damage. You should consider using this if you want to create the signage on transparent sheets. This type of display will have a sleek, contemporary look, and you can even choose a lightly dyed alternative for a unique bespoke appearance. The advantages of selecting acrylic sheets for the signage fabrication include better shatter and impact resistance compared to glass. Moreover, the lightweight nature of acrylic plastic sheets makes handling easier.


High density polyethylene is a variant of the common and standard polyethylene material. Basically, HPDE is designed to be able to withstand more heavy-duty applications without accelerated wear or distortion. Sheets made from this material have high tensile strength and consequently, have good general resilience and impact resistance. Moreover, HPDE can withstand a high temperature of about 110⁰C without sustaining damage. You should choose HDPE for outdoor custom signs because the conditions are harsh in terms of solar radiation. Furthermore, the sign will be exposed to mechanical impact if the region experiences hailstorms.


High impact polystyrene is formed from basic polystyrene, but the structure is improved to withstand more intense applications. In simple terms, HIPS is resilient and not prone to easy distortion. The plastic is also easy to mould, so you can utilise the sheets to actualise diverse designs for the custom commercial signage. In addition, the surfaces of HIPS have good gloss and the plastic can be painted to improve the visual appeal of the pertinent display products.

There are other plastic sheet materials that are suitable for commercial fabrication of business signage. Common additional options include ABS, polycarbonate, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride. When choosing the most appropriate item for your project, evaluate and compare important properties such as longevity, wear-resistance, cost and material likability by consumers.