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Shopping for Rapid Roller Doors with Safety Features

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Rapid roller doors are a necessity in an industrial loading dock, and their quick functioning allows your workers to stay focused and not have to worry about opening and closing the door manually. However, you should choose your roller door carefully to ensure it as safe as possible. Keep these tips in mind as you shop:

1. Opt for lightweight fabric for interior doors.

If you have roller doors inside your warehouse to section off different areas, these doors don't need to be weather resistant like external doors. As a result, you should choose lightweight roller doors made with fabric panels. That way, if the door ever traps any of your workers, they can easily push it back up and out of the way.

2. Insist on a reverse mechanism.

For external roller doors as well as internal ones, insist on a reverse mechanism. These mechanisms have been a standard part of residential roller doors for years, and they can be invaluable in industrial settings as well.

If the reverse mechanism senses something in the way of the door, it reverses the direction of the door. Instead of closing, it opens again. That can protect workers from the downward impact of a closing door, and it can also protect your equipment.

3. Explore flexible edges.

In addition to entrapment, you also have to think about what would happen if a rapid roller door hit one of your employees. Ideally, you want your workers to be safe and healthy, and you want to avoid lawsuits and workers compensation claims. Soft edges on the door can help.

Instead of buying a roller door with rigid hard edges, look for one that has soft and flexible edges. That way if the door hits someone, they are much less likely to be injured.

4. Install warning lights.

Choosing a door that is as safe as possible is only one step in the door buying process. Ideally, you should also look for a door with warning signals. These could include buzzing alarms or flashing lights. The warning signals come on anytime the door opens or closes, and they ensure that everyone knows to get out of the way.

However, it's important to consider how the buzzing and lights will affect your workers. Make sure that they are going to effectively alert your employees to what's happening with the door, without distracting them from other tasks. You don't want buzzers that are so loud that they startle everyone and possibly cause injuries because of that.

To learn more about safety features and rapid roller doors, contact a professional like M.T.I.-Qualos Pty Ltd.