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Minimising Pollution After Using Builder's Polyethylene Films

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Plastics have a range of applications in the construction industry. They are useful in building utilities such as plumbing and electrical insulation. Moreover, other plastic products like polyethylene builder's films come in handy when you need a damp-proof material or vapour barrier that will keep water away from interfering with the integrity of what you have just set up. Polyethylene builder's films are made using low-density resins or recycled resins. But just like many other plastics, polyethylene films have poor biodegradability. This is why you should be careful when disposing them to minimise pollution and creating eyesores in the vicinity. Once your workers have finished using polyethylene films on your project, you can sell or donate them to the following clientele to reduce pollution:

Cloth-making Firm

After being used on your construction site, you can dispose your polyethylene films to a cloth-making factory. Here, the used polyethylene flakes will be cleaned and spun into yarn and thread. These products are later used to make a variety of fabrics. When combined with other materials, the clothing manufacturers use the thread and yarn to make toughened clothing materials and accessories. A good example of such things includes jackets, coats, bags, hats and shoes. Moreover, the recycled films can be used as fibrefill for sleeping bags, life jackets and warm winter coats.

Food Container Manufacturers

Not all plastics can be used to package and store food. Some can combine with food preservatives and additives, leading to food poisoning. Thankfully, polyethylene films can be recycled and fabricated to make post-consumer polyethylene, which is used to make container packaging and storing food. During this process, any non-polyethylene contents of the films are removed to keep the containers free of harmful chemicals. For example, any caps and labels on the films are removed. To add on that, other forms of treatment are done to make the plastic containers food-contact approved.

Bottle Manufacturers

You can also dispose of the polyethylene films by selling or giving them to bottling companies. In this case, the recycled polyethylene is used to make bottles for storing carbonated drinks, water, medicinal liquids and syrup. The process involves heating and injection stretch blow that moulds them into various shapes depending on what the bottle will be used for.

By selling or donating them to firms that can re-use polyethylene film, you contribute heavily to sustainable construction practices that go a long way in preserving the beauty of land and the purity of water sources.