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4 Precautions to Remember When Installing a Suspension Seat in Your Truck

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Many manufacturers of suspension seats for trucks provide easy-to-follow installation guidelines. DIY enthusiasts can use those guidelines to install the seat without the help of an expert. However, several precautionary measures should be taken into consideration if the installation is to be flawless. This article discusses some of those key precautions that you should keep in mind as you install a new suspension seat in your truck. 

Pay Attention to Torque Suggestions

The suspension seat that you bought may have different kinds of screws that are used within the seat assembly, such as the screws used to attach the switch panel beneath the cushion assembly. Make sure that you use the recommended torque when placing the different sizes of screws in their positions. Any excess torque used may cause the screws to strip out.

Watch the Cushion Cover

Your new suspension seat may have plastic fasteners that hold the cushion cover in place. You may need to trim those plastic fasteners so that they do not damage the cushion cover. Try moving the seat in different directions so that you trim off the sections of the fastener that is rubbing against the moving seat cover.

Ensure Circulation of Lubrication

Some suspension seats can slide forward and backward in order to accommodate drivers of different dimensions. Such seats need to be lubricated thoroughly so that they can slide effortlessly. Make sure that the lubricant circulates adequately by pushing the seat back until it reaches its limit. Thereafter, apply grease or any other recommended lubricant onto the slide rail before you move the seat forward and backward several times. This will ensure that the grease circulates to all parts of the rail before you complete the installation process.

Test the Range of Movement

Operate the recliner so that you are sure that its recline angle can be adjusted fully as stipulated by the manufacturer. Next, adjust the height of the seat to the maximum upper limit and sit in it so that you are sure that there is ample clearance above your head. This will save your head from being injured in case the seat bounces upwards as you drive over a rough surface. You should also check all the electrical cables and air hoses to confirm that none is compressed as the seat is adjusted in different ways.

Use the precautions above as extra tips to keep in mind as you follow the installation instructions provided by the suspension seat manufacturer. Seek for expert help from a truck suspension-seat supplier in case you have any queries about any step of the installation process.