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Durability and Cost of Corrugated Pipes

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The type of pipes used in culverts can vary in durability and cost. If you are responsible for building culverts, you will want to build them as strongly as possible. Here are straightforward details on corrugated steel pipes' cost and durability as an option for culverts.


There are two types of pipes commonly used: metal pipes and concrete pipes. The cost of installing zinc-coated corrugated steel pipes is lower than the cost of installing another type of pipe for your culvert. This can be positive as you and your client do not need to have as much money at the beginning to begin the project. However, the corrugated metal pipes are found to be less durable than concrete. Research is showing that the steel pipes should be replaced every twenty years so rust does not set in and prohibit the pipes from doing its job. Because the pipes may need to be replaced, this replacement would incorporate a higher cost in the long run. If you do not have as much money at the start of the project, you can start with the steel pipes, then move on to concrete pipes later once your budget increases.


As established beforehand, the steel pipes only last around twenty years. Depending on the location where you are installing the metal pipes, this may be fine, or you may need to find a more durable option.

Metal pipes are a good, less expensive option for lower-traffic areas. While you may need the higher strength of concrete pipes for higher traffic areas, the metal pipes are just as durable and can be cheaper for areas that do not need extreme strength.

As for the steel pipes, various coatings can be applied to give them a longer life expectancy. Here are a few coating options with their specific benefits listed. You will want to investigate their price to weigh in on the overall cost of the installation.

  • Asphalt- If the steel pipes are covered with an asphalt covering, the pipes will be protected against heavily corrosive circumstances. Additionally, this coating provides soil side protection.
  • Polymer- Polymer precoated and paved is one of the strongest coatings available. It protects against corrosive circumstances and highly abrasive circumstances.
  • Aramid Fiber Bonded-This type of coating protects against highly corrosive situations and moderate abrasion.

By using one of the available coatings, the corrugated metal pipes can be in use for longer, increasing their durability and strength against the elements.