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Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom With Stainless Steel

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If you have a nearby stainless steel manufacturer, who also offers a store and showroom, then you may want to visit. You can find several stainless options that can easily upgrade your bathroom and give value to your home. Most of these options can be installed as a do-it-yourself project or by a professional contractor as part of a bathroom upgrade and renovation. Here are a few of the ideas you should consider from your stainless manufacturing contractor. 

Eye Wash Station

One of the latest upgrades you will find to bathroom sinks is an eye wash station. This stainless steel option swings out from your faucet and allows you to lean over the sink to clean your eyes. Some of these rinse stations use direct water from the tap while others have an option of including a saline rinse. This can be ideal if you have allergies, dryness in your eyes that requires daily moisturising and cleansing or if you have a home accident where flushing the eye area is required. You can have the eyewash station put on an extendable arm from the faucet or as a handheld hose attachment that can fit over your eye.

Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower

Rainfall showers are an ideal fit for bathroom upgrades that use a spa theme. The rainfall shower head and plumbing offer a drizzle effect that can be calming and soothing to your sore muscles and stress levels. These shower heads are fixed over the middle of the shower to give you the centre downfall of the rain effect. You can have these shower heads upgraded as well to give you colour light therapy or to have essential oil diffusing attachments added for an additional soothing spa-like effect.

Stainless Steel Shower Enclosures

One of the larger upgrades you can do with stainless steel manufacturing is having a shower enclosure installed. These shower enclosures offer several benefits. Their ease of cleaning is at the top of the list. They also resist stains, fading, mould and mildew. If you have a full enclosure, the stainless steel can hold onto heat better and help you keep your body warmer for longer during your shower stay.

These are only a few of the ideas you can use from your stainless steel manufacturing contractor. If you have other ideas for your bathroom upgrade and renovation, consider speaking to a stainless stelling manufacturing company and discussing the options they have available for you now and upcoming options they may have in the coming weeks or months. They can also help you with pricing and questions you have regarding current options.